September 7, 2010

Tuesday Tips

Join me every Tuesday as I share some tips on different topics.
Today's Topic: Blogging

1. Try to make sure your blog or site looks good in at least all major browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, IE) Check your scripts, css, etc - Things might look good in your browser, but not in others.

2. Check your links and keep them up to date, no one likes clicking on dead links.

3. Make sure your font is readable - light fonts on light backgrounds are very hard to read - font size does matter, don't make it too small.

4. Try to return the comments you receive, everyone likes to feel appreciated.

5. If you must put music, please do not put it on automatic, let the user decide if he/she wants to hear it.

6. Don't give up, even if it feels like no one is reading your blog - be consistent and keep on posting.

7. Enjoy your blog, make it look the way you want, savor it, have fun with it, use it as therapy.


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