August 10, 2010

Hip Homeschoolers

This is just a quick post to say hi :) to all the hip homeschoolers out there. This is a new blog and I hope to make the best of it. I like making new friends, so leave a comment and become a follower. Have a marvelous day.


Meghan said...

So glad you've joined in the Hip Homeschool Hop! Cannot wait to get to know you better!

@hiphmschoolmoms (twitter)

Kimberly said...

You have such a cute blog! And I LOVE your homeschool room, can we come over? lol :)

Rachael said...

I saw your blog and LOVE it. I also saw that you post recipes! I just started a new blog and I am looking for some people to submit some recipes, including the cost. I will link each recipe back to your website. Thanks so much!

If recipes arent your thing my main blog is which is all about frugalness, craftiness and homeschooling.


BTW- I did follow your blog, would follow mine back?? I hope to see some recipes from you! Any of the older ones you have posted would be great!

Joy said...

Stopping by from the Hip Homeschool Hop!

Yunia said...

Thanks for the visit and the comments - and Kimberly you are welcome to come over ;) LOL

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